UAB Boosts it’s Competitive Edge with InjuryZone


Montreal, October 1, 2005—eLynx Medical®, the leading developer and provider of real-time web-centric solutions for health, safety and injury management, today announced the signing of a contract with the University of Alabama at Birmingham for the deployment of InjuryZone – the sport industry’s premiere Athlete Health Management system.

Recognizing the positive impact of strong, healthy athletes, the University of Alabama at Birmingham is implementing the advanced InjuryZone Athlete Health Management solution. With a leading athletic program consisting of 17 intercollegiate men and women’s teams competing at the NCAA Division 1 level, UAB is devoted to ensuring the competitive status of its athletes through the careful monitoring of health. With instant web-based access to comprehensive health data for more than 500 players; trainers, coaches, physicians, therapists, researchers, and administrative staff can efficiently and effectively respond to the health needs of the University’s athletics program.

"Extensive in-season traveling necessitated a system that would make complete athlete health information accessible anywhere, anytime,” Mike Jones, ATC/L Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine. “With InjuryZone we have streamlined workflow, simplified documentation and reporting processes, and enabled in-depth trend analysis based on up-to-date data – all to expedite medical treatment and support proactive health strategies.”

“Sports organizations worldwide are leveraging InjuryZone’s powerful health evaluation tools to accelerate medical treatment, reduce related costs, analyze trends, and ensure safe, timely return-to-play strategies”, said Rick Bercuvitz, Chief Operating Officer of eLynx Medical. “We are proud and excited to bring these state-of-the-art health management capabilities to the university of Alabama at Birmingham.”

InjuryZone seamlessly connects medical personnel and training support staff with instant web-based access to comprehensive athlete health information in a centralized, HIPAA-based database. The resulting communication and collaboration improves workflow efficiencies and reduces redundant data-entry to facilitate efficient and effective athlete health management. Simultaneously, InjuryZone supports in-depth trend analysis for the development and implementation of proactive training strategies to promote, maintain and enhance athlete health.

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