Elite European Football Team Chooses Presagia Sports to Manage Health of 250 Players With Presagia Sports


Montreal, Canada, May 3, 2006—Presagia Corp.®, the leading developer and provider of real-time web-centric solutions for health, safety and injury management, today announced the signing of a contract with the Swiss National Football Team for the deployment of Presagia Sports (formerly InjuryZone) – the sport industry’s premiere Athlete Health Management software.

Switzerland’s National Football Team exemplifies the country’s drive to produce the top performers in football. As part of the goal to develop an elite set of football players who will proudly compete in the World Cup and beyond, the Team actively promotes health and safety. The implementation of Presagia Sports will provide all stakeholders throughout the continuum of player care with instant web-based access to comprehensive health data anytime, anywhere. Combining this with powerful workflow and communication tools will enable the Swiss National Football Team to streamline health processes, facilitate documentation and reporting, and perform in-depth trend analysis. As a result the Swiss National Football Team will be able to better manage the health of more than 250 players to ensure their optimal performance in competition.

“Presagia Sports is the world’s only enterprise-class athlete health management application to offer global sports organizations and teams health management tools that truly enhance the overall well-being of athletes”, said Rick Bercuvitz, Chief Operating Officer of Presagia Corp. “We are proud and excited to offer our state-of-the-art system to the Swiss National Football Team.”

Presagia Sports seamlessly connects medical personnel and training support staff with instant web-based access to comprehensive athlete health information in a centralized athlete health record database. The resulting communication and collaboration improves workflow efficiencies and reduces redundant data-entry to facilitate effective athlete health management. Simultaneously, Presagia Sports supports in-depth trend analysis for the development of proactive training strategies to promote, maintain and enhance athlete health.

About Presagia Corp.
For nearly two decades, Presagia has been developing and implementing intelligent health management software solutions to address the health, safety and wellness requirements of employers, healthcare practitioners and athletics organizations worldwide. These solutions streamline information flow and improve communication for more effective management and analysis of key health and wellness information.

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