University Athletics Programs Demonstrate They Know Technology – Adopt Electronic Health Records


Montreal, Canada, November 15, 2006—Presagia Corp.®, the leading developer and provider of real-time web-centric solutions for health, safety and injury management, today announced the welcoming of six new university athletics programs to the growing Presagia Sports user community. These universities are - Wright State University, University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, St. John’s University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Bucknell University, and Kansas State University. All recognize the value of capturing health information electronically and have recently deployed Presagia Sports™(formerly InjuryZone) – the sport industry’s Total Athlete Health Management system – for use across their athletics programs.

Since the web-based Presagia Sports™ application was launched in 2002 as InjuryZone, proactive sports organizations have been quick to adopt the new technology. These organizations have included Olympic Committees, professional teams, universities, sports medicine clinics, high schools and more. These six new university clients will result in the creation of 3,550 new athlete electronic health records (EHRs) with that number growing by roughly a quarter every subsequent year. This adds to the hundreds of thousands of Presagia Sports EHRs in use today.

As competitive sports intensify and the difference between first and second place finishes grows smaller, sporting organizations increasingly need to provide their athletes a broader range of care services delivered to a higher standard, in order to elevate them to a previously unattainable level of performance. Klaus Heinemann states in The Economic Colonialisation of Sport - The Loss of Autonomy and Doping: “In order to heighten the effects of training and to wrest further increases of achievement from the bulky mass of the body, use is increasingly being made of a wide spectrum of sports medicine, advanced training and movement techniques, food science, physiotherapy and even sport-psychiatry.”

One reason sports organizations turn to Presagia is the pressure to increase the amount of care delivered to each athlete, while staying within static budgets. The primary goal when implementing Presagia Sports is to streamline the growing amount of information that must be managed by centrally storing EHRs and providing users with workflow tools that facilitate their daily activities. This in turn enables informed decision making by providing access to complete health histories at the point-of-care, improves collaboration amongst providers by uniting them within a single point of view, and drives the development of best-practices by supporting data reporting and analysis.

“We are proud and excited to deliver our software to these six highly regarded athletics programs,” stated Rick Bercuvitz, COO of Presagia. “It is our belief that electronic health records and their ability to integrate diverse sets of patient data will vastly improve the delivery of healthcare in the long-term.”

About Presagia Corp.
For nearly two decades, Presagia has been developing and implementing intelligent health management software solutions to address the health, safety and wellness requirements of employers, healthcare practitioners and athletics organizations worldwide. These solutions streamline information flow and improve communication for more effective management and analysis of key health and wellness information.

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