Latest Presagia Sports Release Further Enhances Athlete Health Management


Montreal, Canada, June 7, 2007—Presagia Corp.®, a leading provider of innovative web-centric software solutions for total athlete health and performance management, today announced the release of Presagia Sports version 3.0.1, further enhancing the world’s premier athlete health management software platform.

Originally introduced as InjuryTracker in 1998 the solution revolutionized the sports medicine community’s management of athlete health and performance, enabling anytime, anywhere access to centralized electronic information. Then, recognizing the versatility and flexibility the Internet could provide, the solution evolved into the web-based InjuryZone in 2004 (re-branded Presagia Sports in 2006 following an upgrade).

The Presagia Sports web-based application leverages a highly secure, comprehensive athlete health record and powerful, easy-to-use work tools. Tailored to meet the needs of the sports medicine environment, Presagia Sports makes possible effective capture, management and analysis of athlete health information. With this release, Presagia again demonstrates its commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions that revolutionize the athlete health management arena.

Enhancements include:

New User Interface – Throughout the applications there have been graphical and navigational improvements to make the system more intuitive and optimize flow and layout. These changes afford users a more integrated, holistic view of information while streamlining various health management processes.

Expanded Reporting – Increasing analytical capabilities, the system can report on Notes records and organizations have the option to implement Dashboards. These are a set of personalized graphs and/or charts that provide an ‘at a glance’ visual overview of aggregated analytics, thereby supporting decision-making and enabling efficient tracking of key health indicators.

Worklists – Utilizing Worklists, users can create and manage multiple task lists, promoting efficient and more active time management processes as well as collaboration between users.

Knowledge Base - Providing users with role specific decision-support, the Knowledge Base is an optional feature that can be customized on a per client basis, and may contain up-to-date sports medicine best-practice strategies, process wizards, links to expert articles and more. This enables all stakeholders in athlete health and performance management to make rapid, informed and effective decisions throughout the continuum of care.

Presagia Sports is offered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis – customers pay a monthly or yearly fee for system use and support – minimizing total cost of ownership and enabling virtually instant implementation. Combining this, the most recent upgrade, and proven functionality and technology, Presagia Sports affords the sports community an unparalleled solution to ramp up athlete health management processes.

About Presagia Corp.
For nearly two decades, Presagia has been developing and implementing intelligent health management software solutions to address the health, safety and wellness requirements of employers, healthcare practitioners and athletics organizations worldwide. These solutions streamline information flow and improve communication for more effective management and analysis of key health and wellness information.

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