Not Just Another Day in the Office - Presagia Goes Sugar Shackin'


Presagia goes to the Sugar Shack

It’s an annual occurrence in Montreal that as the snow melts and the grass reappears, people rush outside in full force to celebrate the shift in seasons. We were no less excited here at Presagia which is exactly why we decided to hold our quarterly staff meeting outside. Instead of our usual conference room, we headed to a nearby sugar shack, the beautiful L’Auberge des Gallant in Ste-Marthe.

Maple Syrup Sugar shacks, also known as sugar houses, sugar cabins, or in French cabanes à sucre, are where sap is collected from nearby maple trees and boiled down to make maple syrup, taffy, sugar and butter. Quebec is the leading global producer of maple syrup  and with so many delicious sugar shacks in the surrounding area, it's not surprising annual trips are such a tradition here.
Presagia Team at the sugar shack

That's us on the right stuffing ourselves with traditional buffet style menu items like French pea soup, meat pie, maple syrup ham, sausages in maple beer, omelets, home baked beans, pancakes with syrup and upside down maple cake.

After our not so light, maple drenched lunch, we discussed sales, new partnerships, objectives and more all over some homemade taffy on ice. All in all a delicious afternoon!



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