5 Reasons Why a District-Wide Athlete EHR System is Right for Your School District



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In the fast-paced world of high school athletics, nothing is more important than student health -- that’s why schools are always looking to improve the way they manage athlete health data. Schools are also constantly asked to adapt to new requirements, such as the concussion legislation that all 50 states have enacted in response to emerging information about the devastating effects of concussions. This means it is increasingly important for schools to treat and document concussions consistently and accurately to ensure both effective health decisions and legal compliance.

More and more, schools are turning to Athlete Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems like Presagia Sports to provide the best and most thorough solutions for concussion and athlete health data management. But some educational professionals have taken technology one step further: implementing an Athlete EHR system across an entire school district. These districts have discovered key advantages of systems that can only be leveraged from a district level. In this blog post, we’ll take you through five main benefits of adopting a district-wide approach to student athlete health.

1. Transfer data between schools with ease.

Student athlete populations are constantly changing and growing along with their schools. With a district-wide Athlete EHR system, you can easily transfer student data whenever a student graduates or transfers to a new school. There’s no need to painstakingly re-enter each athlete’s information into a new system, and no risk of lost data leaving holes in your medical records. By the same token, Athletic Trainers, coaches and other staff who transfer schools won’t lose valuable time adjusting to new technology.

2. Enhance athlete treatment through data sharing.

Individual schools may not have the resources to send an Athletic Trainer to every competition, but a district-wide Athlete EHR system allows schools to share the responsibility of managing athlete health by sharing data. This means that a school’s Athletic Trainer can treat visiting athletes just as effectively as their own students, since they have access to each athlete’s medical history and alerts. At the same time, not all schools have to share their data, since each school has complete control over data accessibility through features like group-and role-based security.

In addition, the entire team gains access to world-class concussion management tools like the integrated and mobile-accessible SCAT3 offered by Presagia Sports. These tools are valuable aids in performing baseline testing, consistently measuring and documenting concussions, making safe return-to-play decisions, and helping your district comply with state-legislated concussion laws.

3. Conduct school- and district-level data analysis of injury trends.

With one centralized system, you’ll be able to analyze athlete data not only on the fine-grained level of individual schools, but also on a macro level across the district. This kind of data analysis can help you recognize injury trends, identify aspects of training or environmental conditions that may contribute to these trends, and take proactive measures to prevent future injuries.

4. Leverage cost-effective solutions for better ROI.

A cloud-based Athlete EHR system can save schools significant expenses when implemented across a district due to economies of scale, since you will share the costs of licensing fees, implementation, and system configuration. As a result, your schools gain access to better tools at a better price than they would if they chose to implement systems individually.

5. Save time and facilitate documentation through SIS integration.

Your Student Information System is vital to the way your district operates on a day-to-day basis, so it only makes sense for it to be fully integrated with your athlete health data. Integrating with your SIS means you’ll be able to transfer health data and demographics to your Athlete EHR system, and you won’t waste valuable time manually transferring that information. You’ll guarantee that the whole picture of a student athlete’s health is at your coaches’ and ATs’ fingertips whenever they need it.

Want to know more about how technology could help your school district with concussion and athlete health data management? Check out our Athlete EHR system with integrated SCAT3 or contact us to schedule a web demo!

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