Top 3 Athlete Health Management Topics of 2014



Happy New Year! With a brand new year ahead of us, it's time to look back on last year's biggest topics in athlete health management. So what was everyone talking about in 2014?

1. Concussion management.

Between new scientific studies and litigation hitting some of the biggest leagues, there is no doubt that concussion management was the biggest athlete health topic of 2014. If you’re having a hard time keeping track of the latest concussion management guidelines, Check out our infographic on the NATA's latest guidance!

2. Universities step up their game.

With athlete health at the forefront of public scrutiny, top-tier universities stepped up their game in 2014, showing their commitment to athlete health. In our latest case study, find out how the University of Minnesota leverages Presagia Sports to ensure that their athletes are in prime shape to compete when it matters most.

3. Optimizing athlete health with the cloud.

Athlete EHR

In 2014, more and more athlete health organizations discovered how an Athlete Electronic Health Record (EHR) can help improve the way we treat athletes - for example, with concussion assessment tools that you can use anytime and anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. What's more, an Athlete EHR keeps your athletes' data secure and ensures compliance with HIPAA and HITECH.

Thanks for a great year! We look forward to seeing what 2015 has in store.

Presagia Sports is an Athlete Electronic Health Record and injury management system with an integrated SCAT3 concussion assessment tool. Available anytime and anywhere, Presagia’s solutions centralize health information, facilitate communication and streamline treatment to help athletic organizations worldwide improve athlete health and performance. Contact us if you would like to learn more!

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