Going the Extra Mile: Presagia Sports’ Service Desk is Live!


In order to continue building on our strong commitment to our clients’ satisfaction, Presagia Sports is happy to announce the launch of a fully integrated Service Desk, available to each system administrator.  The main goal of the new implemented support center is to centralize all related issues and questions for more efficient and timely resolutions.

The beauty of the new system is its user-friendliness and its speed.  All users need to do is sign-up to Service Desk, enter a little bit of information about themselves and the issue they are faced with, and send in the request.  It’s that simple! From there, our dedicated implementation team can easily assist users by figuring out the technical issues of each ticket or by sending appropriate resources to walk users through the solution.

“The idea behind the Integrated Service Desk is to ensure that we are constantly staying on top of all support tickets that come our way,” says Mitchell Slutsken, Director, Presagia Sports. “We want to push our clients to fully utilize the Service Desk and use it as a primary point of contact between them and our team. Therefore, we will look to solve those requests first, depending on severity, as multiple implementation specialists can work on an issue in unison.”

Requests will be reviewed during regular business hours, 9 a.m. to 5.p.m. EST.

IMPORTANT: In order to sign-up to Service Desk, click HERE to fill out a form to request your access to Service Desk!

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