Presagia Sports' New Integration With Quidel


A researcher analyzing an athlete's test results

During this chaotic and uncertain time, the sports world has found creative ways to keep athletes safe, including isolation bubbles, strict hygiene practices, mask-wearing, and innovative COVID-19 testing methods

Seeing all of the strides made to guard athletes against COVID-19, we felt it was important for Presagia Sports to play a role as well. That’s why we developed a COVID-19 Screening Template, modelled after the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)’s guidelines, Resocialization of Collegiate Sport: Action Plan Considerations. Now we’re also working alongside the Pac-12 Conference and Quidel to collect COVID-19 test results within Presagia Sports’ Athlete Electronic Health Record (EHR). This allows Athletic Trainers (ATs) to seamlessly and securely access the data whenever they need it!  

What Does Quidel Do?

Quidel created the Sofia 2, a rapid COVID-19 test with results in 15 min, which is being utilized by the Pac-12 Conference in their effort to keep athletes COVID-free and competing safely. The Pac-12 Conference has an agreement with Quidel to administer daily testing to their student-athletes across all campuses. 

One of the Pac-12’s major concerns during the pandemic has been keeping athletes who played close-contact sports safe, which initially led them to postpone competitions. Now that athletes are playing again, the intention of frequent rapid testing is to reduce the spread of infection amongst the players. As stated by the Pac-12 Commissioner, Larry Scott, “The availability of a reliable test that can be administered daily, with almost immediate results, addresses one of the key concerns that was expressed by our medical advisory committee, as well as by student-athletes, coaches and others.”

The test results also play a crucial role in providing research data that benefits the country at large. The Pac-12/Quidel testing program will be sharing data in coordination with the Pac-12 Student Athlete Health and Well-Being Initiative (SAHWBI) and the Conference’s COVID-19 Medical Advisory Committee. The goal of the research is to determine whether rapid testing results before practice or a competition can decrease the risk of athletes being infected with COVID-19. Quidel has even created their own interactive COVID-19 map to show the prevalence of the virus within the United States.  

Presagia Sports' Role

Presagia Sports has been at the forefront of responding to COVID-19 by meeting the needs of ATs during this hectic time. We created a customized version of the COVID-19 Screening Template to enable the Pac-12 to access athletes’ test results within our Athlete EHR. Test results are delivered securely from Sophia 2 devices to Presagia Sports where ATs and sports medicine professionals can keep track of their athletes’ status. In addition to this, de-identified test results’ data will be made available to the Pac-12 for research purposes. 

At Presagia Sports, we’re proud of our role in keeping athletes safe. If you’d like to learn more about our Athlete EHR and how we can help you take athlete health to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact us or request your free demo