Presagia Sports’ Success in NCAA Division I Football


It’s safe to say that we’re huge football fans at Presagia Sports… but we’re even bigger fans of our clients, and we’ll take any excuse to brag about how incredible they are! That’s why in celebration of the recent NCAA National Championship and upcoming 52nd Super Bowl, we dug through our archives to learn more about our clients and their history of playing in the championship games.

Presagia Sports’ Athlete Electronic Health Record (EHR) proudly supports some of the top NCAA Division I football teams! But don’t just take our word for it… check out these stats!

Presagia Sports NCAA Division 1 Football Clients Infographic

Get this: a Presagia Sports client has continuously held the National Championship title since 2011… that’s 7 national championship titles in a row! Sometimes our clients have even played head-to-head, as 79% of the teams who competed in the national championship were clients!  

… But it doesn’t stop there. Our clients have also thrived in the Conference Championships, winning a total of 18 Conference Champion titles over the past 7 seasons.

The  Bowl Game rounds have also produced outstanding results. Throughout these past 7 seasons, 117 of our clients have played in the bowl games, with 64 successful bowl game wins!

Finally, the Heisman Trophy is awarded in recognition of the Most Outstanding Player (MOP). Over the past 7 seasons, 3 athletes from Presagia Sports’ clients have been the recipients of this great honor.

So what does this all have to do with Presagia Sports? Of course, we cannot take credit for the tremendous talent of these incredible NCAA Division I teams. That said, winning teams know that health plays an important role in athletic performance, and they invest in our Athlete Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology to support their health management processes! As we’ve already told you about the many benefits of making the switch to an EHR, (think: improved patient health, better communications, a decrease in paperwork, and an increase in productivity), we’ll skip ahead to what makes Presagia Sports so unique.

While Presagia Sports has countless features that benefit sports organizations, we’ll just tell you about a few of our favorite features that are especially beneficial to Football teams and organizations….   

Diagnose Concussions The Moment They Happen…

The NCAA reports that concussions make up about 7.4% of football injuries, and they stress that recognition and response to a concussion immediately after injury is instrumental to preventing further injury. Presagia Sports Mobile is fully equipped with a concussion assessment test, which means you can quickly assess the health of your athlete on the sidelines, ensuring they are cleared to play post-injury. This can be incredibly useful in any sport, but especially in football.

Focus On The Treatment, Not The Paperwork…

It’s very busy work being a member of the sports medicine team for a Division I Football team! That’s why we introduced the quick treatment feature. Instead of having to file individual paperwork in between injury treatments, plug in all information regarding all of your athletes’ treatments in one shot! How does it work? It simply opens a new window in your browser, allowing you to fill in multiple treatments for multiple athletes on one page. Fill in the details for each treatment and at the end of the day press the save button. It’s as simple as that!

Gain Actionable Insights Into The Health Of Your Team…

Presagia Sports' reporting capabilities allow users to gain actionable insight into their team's health. Here, a player returns to the field.

We also pride ourselves on our EHR’s incredible reporting capabilities. The system allows you to run standard and customizable ad-hoc reports that allow you to gain insight into particular aspects of your program, including the frequency of injuries, where they are occurring, and so forth. Use these insights to strengthen the health of not just your athletes, but of your entire team or organization!

Interested in learning more about how our EHR will simplify your daily life? Here’s Part I and Part 2 of our blog series on the subject!

On behalf of the entire Presagia Sports team, we’d like to congratulate our incredible clients for their continued achievements and successes in the NCAA Division I Football Championships!

Stay tuned next month for when we release the numbers on our clients' successes in NCAA Division I Basketball in celebration of March Madness!