Presagia Sports’ Success in NCAA Division I Soccer


Here at Presagia Sports, we'll never miss a chance to tell you about how incredible our clients are! The fall sports season is rapidly approaching, which in the case of NCAA Division I schools, means that the soccer season is near! Culminating in the championship tournaments - which will be held in late November and early December in Cary, North Carolina for the Women's teams and in Santa Barbara, CA for the Men's teams - the season is sure to be exciting! In celebration, we analyzed our client archives and discovered some interesting facts about our clients' successes in NCAA Division I Soccer! Presagia Sports’ Athlete Electronic Health Record (EHR) proudly supports some of the top NCAA Division I soccer teams! Here are some of our clients' astounding stats: 

Presagia Sports' Success in NCAA Divsion 1 Soccer

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Since 2011, men's teams that have been Presagia Sports clients have achieved:

  • 57% of the Most Outstanding Player: Defensive Awards 
  • Won over 50% of Championship Games 
  • Won 130 Tournament Games! 

And, the women's teams have accomplished:

  • 57% of the Most Oustanding Player: Defensive Awards 
  • 57% of the Most Oustanding Player: Offensive Awards 
  • Been 50% of the teams to participate in the Championship Games, and won over 57% of those games! 
  • Been 54% of the teams to participate in the Semi-Finals, and won 50% of those games!

Of course, we cannot take credit for the tremendous talent of these incredible NCAA Division I teams. However, champion-level teams know the importance of health in athletic performance, and they invest in our Athlete Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology to support their health management processes! As we’ve already told you about the many benefits of making the switch to an EHR, (i.e. improved athlete health, better communication, decreased paperwork, and increased productivity), we’ll skip ahead to what makes Presagia Sports so unique.

While Presagia Sports has countless features that benefit sports organizations, we’ll just tell you about a few of our favorite features:

Diagnose Concussions The Moment They Happen:

The NCAA reports that in soccer, concussions make up about 5.5% of men's injuries and 9.2% of women's injuries. With concussions, recognition and immediate response after injury is instrumental to preventing further damage. Presagia Sports is fully equipped with a concussion assessment test, which means you can quickly assess the health of your athletes on the sidelines, ensuring they are cleared to play post-injury. 

Focus On Treatment & Reduce The Paperwork:

Presagia Sports designed a Quick Treatment feature with the end user in mind: the very busy AT or Sports Medicine Professional! Instead of having to open a new record for each treatment, the user has a single screen where they can enter multiple treatments for multiple athletes. When done, they can just click save, and treatment records will automatically be created and added to each athlete's EHR. It’s as simple as that!

Gain Actionable Insights Into The Health Of Your Team:

Presagia Sports allows you to run standard and customizable ad-hoc reports that enable you to gain insight into particular aspects of your program, including the frequency of injuries, where they are occurring, and so forth. Use these insights to strengthen the health of not just your athletes, but of your entire team or organization!

Interested in learning more about how our EHR will simplify your daily life? Here’s Part I and Part 2 of our blog series on the subject!

On behalf of the entire Presagia Sports team, we’d like to congratulate our incredible clients for their continued achievements and successes in the NCAA Division I Soccer Championships!